Primary Film Texts:

Alien, US: 1979, Ridley Scott
Aliens, US: 1986, James Cameron
Red Sonja, US: 1985, Richard Fleischer
Terminator II: Judgment Day, US: 1991, James Cameron
Barbarella, Fr/It: 1968, Roger Vadim

Secondary Film Texts:

Basic Instincts, US: 1992, Paul Verhoeven
Black Widow, US: 1986, Bob Rafelson
Coma, US: 1978, Michael Crichton
Conan The Barbarian, US: 1982, John Milius
Conan The Destroyer, US: 1984, Richard Fleischer
Desert Hearts, US: 1985, Donna Deitch
Daughters of Darkness, Bel./Fr: 1971, Harry Kumel
Fatal Attraction, US: 1987, Adrian Lyne
Fatal Beauty, US: 1987, Tom Holland
Night of the Comet, US: 1984, Tom Eberhardt
Red Sonja, US: 1985, Richard Fleischer
Robocop, US: 1987, Paul Verhoeven
She Must Be Seeing Things, US: 1987, Sheila McClaughlin
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, US: 1984, John Guillermin
Silkwood, US: 1983, Mike Nichols
Supergirl, UK: 1984, Jeannot Szwarc
The Silence of the Lambs, US: 1991, Johnathan Demme
The China Syndrome, US: 1979, James Bridges
Thelma & Louise, US: 1991, Ridley Scott

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